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Let them assess and improve their products based on customer feedback!

Address and contact information are available via a legal notice. Your customers and prospects to reach out directly from the app, and contact by telephone or email as you. About the Map view is immediately visible where customers and prospects can reach you.

Items are displayed in list and detail data with text and image.

mobile commerce for iPhone and also for iPhone 5 with more "Screen"!

All contacts of the Company are visible at a Glance.

Social networks (like Twitter) are also integrated.

Completely free: The Web Business Card for everyone. On all smartphones / tablets with HTML5 and CSS support. Simply register, inputting of data on the portal, create app and call it from anywhere, anytime via the web browser of your smartphone / tablet.

Your own business-App

Your own business-App, thanks to mobile commerce. Show your customers and potential customers that you are also be mobile. With your own iPhone-/iPad-App. Your name, your company, your logo, your design, your app.

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Your app as an information channel

Use your app as a new information and communication channel. Inform your customers and prospects. Solidify your customer loyalty through services such as push notification or the feedback form.

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Their own app as a sales channel

Start with a new sales and marketing channel. Present and sell your products or services directly from the app. Enlarge your sphere of influence, with mobile commerce to reach new audiences with your own smartphone / tablet app. Be a pioneer in your industry with your own app and thus get a Wetbewerbsvorteil over your competitors.

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Suitable for the following areas

Bars, clubs, discotheques, IT-service, insurance broker, Photographers, artists, self-employed, Bicycle dealers, car dealers, electronics retailer, Headhunter, Real estate agents, agencies, and many more.

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Features and Functions

Check out our feature list to find out what features you need and then decide which version you rent / want to buy. Do you want to experience mobile commerce live? Then you just download the reference app down here

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How to Start

Sign up, mail verification, Log, maintain app-basic data, create CSV data with your product information and web server path and announce, test extensively and arbitrarily on your "real" iPhone, meet decision whether to rent or buy, make decision whether version: standard, update or pro, ordering and waiting for release, any time information

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The vehicle display information is including pictures, text, PDF documents, and any user-defined attributes (model, mileage, color, etc.).


The vehicle is possible to search by various criteria (model, mileage, color, etc.). Also the complete long text is also searchable.


Vehicles can be recommended via Twitter, Facebook, or email. PDF documents can be forwarded from within the app.

Contact person

All of the company's contact person with contact information can be stored. A call / mail can be started directly from the app.


The list of all sites with contact details and opening times can be stored. A contact from the app is available for each site.


Corporate Profile with Map View and many contact opportunities, industries feeds, feedback form and the obligatory imprint are included.



Products can be placed in a shopping cart. Prices and taxes are reported by a button push.


Products can be deposited with different tax rates. The stock may be expelled optical (light).


In particular actions may be indicated by overlapping graphics. TOP, NEW and discounts are thus "transferred" immediately to the attention of the user.


Policies, drawings, graphics, structure or work instructions can be stored.


If Relationships are used, it can be made to assigned roles, sites, documents or videos from a product out.


Using the quick detection can be directly detected the barcode of the product. Only the amount of adjustment must be made to pack the product to the cart.